Rosario Jewelry


María del Rosario strives to achieve chic and feminine allure through showcasing truly unique handmade pieces of feminine luxury that are not readily found elsewhere. She understands women’s desire to indulge themselves with meaningful and precious accessories that embody luxury, history, and exoticism.

Rosario has its roots deeply planted within the Mompox region of Colombia. A quintessential Spanish colonial town in the lowlands of Colombia, Mompox has remained largely detached from its urban neighbors. Its relative isolation has resulted in an attention to “old world: craftsmanship and a flourishing of local artisans who practice the delicate work of filigree, interweaving minute threads of pieces of silver and gold. Rosario adheres to the principles of this ancient handcraft in designing each unique piece. As globalization influences all aspects of our lives, the fashion and design conscious are looking to foreign cultures to enhance their own personal style!

Every piece is an artisan handcrafted jewelry design that contains the highest refined stones such as: Swarovski crystals, Calcite Crystals, Quartz Crystals, Pyrites, Pearls, Filigrees and Agates, among many others, found at the most exotic places nature offers.

Rosario, truly of another time and place.